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“…breaching sham contracting laws is a very serious matter and will not be tolerated”

Fair Work Ombudsman Spokesperson

Fair Work Ombudsman v. Jooine (Investment) Pty. Ltd & Anor Dec 2013 $55,000) fine for cleaning company and Director

Corporate and Individual Compliance

Risk Management around compliance is critical to control corporate and individual liabilities as well as your business reputation.

Compliance Director Liability

Director Liability

Managing risk around unfair dismissal, reinstatement, fines, negative publicity, and even personal liability is smart business practice. You need to be confident that your business complies with the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards, NES and more.

Sham Contracting

Misrepresenting an employer/worker relationship as one in which the employee provides a contract for services attracts stiff penalties. But it’s not just civil prosecutions, fines and reputational risk for companies and individuals. There’s also workers’ compensation, superannuation and payroll tax that needs to be repaid.

Compliance Social Environment

Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and general protections

Protect your business when making any workplace decisions by taking the broad nature of the general protections into account. Breaching the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 provides uncapped damages, while psychological injury claims are high.

Compliance WHS

Work Health & Safety Risk

Keeping your workers safe is not just a matter of doing the right thing because it’s a legal responsibility – it also makes good business sense. Don’t risk criminal prosecution and penalties by putting WHS in the too hard basket.

Keep Your Workers Safe

Sirius Business Solutions helps you improve the success of compliance and governance in your business. We can help you embrace the complex and ever changing legal, political, economic and social environment to influence your employees’ behaviour.

Natalie Dubois, General Manager

Raines Carpets

"While Raines Carpets brought Sirius Business Solutions onboard for one specific need, they now continually add value by providing us with ongoing HR and Work Health and Safety expertise and knowledge that we don’t have in house. This includes meeting our compliance obligations which is important to us."

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