Take the guess work out of
your hiring decisions

Organisations that lack a standard interview process are five times more likely to make a bad hire.

Source: 2015 Brandon Hall Group Talent Acquisition Study

Bad hiring decisions cost you more than you think

And these days it’s not just a recruitment metric, but a drain on your business resources.

HR Tasks

Skill shortage

Do you have the right talent to execute your business objectives? As demand for skilled talent intensifies, don’t let pressure to deliver force you into selecting someone who’s not right for the position

HR Tasks Job Description

Job descriptions

Are your job descriptions designed to deliver results for your organisation? Be clear about what skills experience, qualifications and behaviours are going to deliver the right results.

HR Tasks Predict Job Success

Predict job success

Interview guides for a Manager to assess a candidates ability to perform is key. We use Harrison Assessments.

HR Tasks Develop New Talent

Develop and engage new talent

Think beyond filling the position and how you’ll engage your new hire to stick around and become highly productive.

Attract and Select better candidates

Sirius Business Solutions can help you finesse your pre-employment recruitment strategies to proactively attract and retain ‘better fit’ candidates.

HR Tasks Hiring Process

Hiring process

Candidates are able to size up a company based on the language used in a job posting as well as what social media says. We design effective and pragmatic campaigns and processes to attract better talent whatever your budget.

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HR Tasks Job Descriptipn Alignment

Job description alignment

Linking job descriptions and team Key Result Areas to business objectives for better performance measurement and team/culture alignment.

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HR Tasks Job Success

Predict job success

Interview guides for Managers a candidates’ ability to perform. We use Harrison Assessment for pre-employment screening for evaluating critical job success factors; including; attitude, motivation, interpersonal skills, work values and preferences.

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HR Tasks Training


Half-day and full-day training on recruitment, interviewing, evaluating shortlists and how Managers can develop and engage your new talent.

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