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67% of Australian Millennials believe that work culture is more important than money.

Source: Deloitte Millennial Survey, 2018.

Set up new hires for long term success

As employee engagement becomes a business priority, successfully onboarding new hires is now a strategic business requirement. These days it’s not a question about what’s on your onboarding checklist, but how you set up new hires for long term success. And this starts well before day one.

hr tasks

HR Tasks

How do you ensure all activity around onboarding new hires are completed including activity such as meeting Managers, ensuring a desk is ready, getting access to all systems and Payroll is alerted?

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HR Documentation

Have you identified all HR and WHS forms required, including what needs to be collected and tracked?

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Cultural engagement

Does your onboarding process help bring new employees into the organisation by immersing them in its culture, or does it just focus on uninspiring paperwork?

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Social environment

Does your onboarding process help your managers to engage with new employees and properly introduce other members of the team?

Want engaged employees?

Look to the first 120 days

As a Partner of enboarder, Sirius Business Solutions' primary focus is to:

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  • Create an engaging rich media experience for your new employees;
  • Ensure your staff engage with your organisation in the critical 120 day period;
  • Ensure your new Contractors engage during their project transition
  • Design a process that can be used to both coach your managers and assist them in conducting onboarding effectively
  • Optimise tools for mobile delivery for both new employees and Managers that will work on any smartphone

Sirius will assist in:

  • Analysing your current process to transition and transform the engagement and onboarding experience;
  • Understand current process, design new processes and implement rich media experiences
  • Train a designated team member to manage the onboarding engagement process on an ongoing basis.
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